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There’s a good reason why the author note at the front of novels typically contains effusive thanks for the agent and editor; detailed feedback as a piece of work develops is an invaluable way to improve – even transform – your writing.


In the national press too, any article you read will have been keenly scrutinised by editors and subs: reporters rarely see their copy published exactly as filed and the comments, questions and criticism received from commissioning editors are a vital learning tool that any serious journalist comes to value and seek out.


We know personally how much it matters to have that ongoing critical support from someone who demands the very best, and whose searching questions mean that what we produce is far better the second – or sixth or seventh – time around.


One to one support and training for journalists and writers with Tooth and Claw



This is why we offer supportive, one-to-one sessions that provide detailed, personal feedback as you develop a piece of work.


  • We don’t care if you don’t have a single word down on the page. It’s how we all start, and as working journalists, we’re in that position every day.
  • We’re not expecting you to be inspired. Inspiration is a delicious treat, but in our experience it’s pretty rare (though it does turn up – sometimes – when you’ve been brave enough to pick up your pen)
  • If you want to write but can somehow never find the time, we’ll work with you on techniques to carve out space in your life.
  • For those struggling to find a line through a longer piece of writing, we can offer constructive analysis of the work so far and ask questions that provide fresh perspectives on knotty problems.


Crafting words is a process that happens over time


To help you properly we need to get to know and understand both your work and you. This is why we don’t offer single sessions – it wouldn’t provide good value. But we also realise that some people may want to dip their toe in the water, or have a specific issue they want to address, so we’ve structured our one-to-one sessions as blocks of three, five and 10. 


We would normally do these over Skype or telephone, as sessions are envisaged as an interactive, highly engaged conversation. If you prefer email feedback however, that’s fine too.


Sessions last for up to 45 minutes, and for the best experience, we suggest that the piece of writing you’re working on is sent to us at least three days beforehand so we have an opportunity to read it, think carefully about your questions and respond most helpfully to your needs.

Our one-to-one session blocks are charged as follows:

Three sessions - £300

Five sessions - £400

Ten sessions - £700


Payment is made in advance, and appointment times are made by mutual agreement.
Please read our terms and conditions on cancellation.


If you’d like to find out more, please contact Louise at who will be delighted to answer any questions.

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